AI5 - Top 7 - American Classics Idol?

Yes, folks, last night was Sing the American Classics night. And who better to help explain, interpret, and give advice on America's musical roots than a Brit! (Namely, Rod Stewart)

All barbs aside (fodder: Rod's finacée's bosom, Rod's embrace of the boys vs. the girls, Rod's constant reference to his own material), Rod was entertaining, complimentary, and constructive in his direction. He's clearly talented, even if my iPod will never play one of his songs.

Literary brevity being my inspiration, I'm staging my reviews as one sentence wrap-ups.

[in my best Seacrest voice]

Tonight, on American Idol... The American Classics,

...In which Chris Daughtry takes on What a Wonderful World, and sings sweetly and melodically, to the horror of the dozens of remaining Creed fans.

...In which Paris Bennett sings Etta James (These Foolish Things), who dresses up, sings low and nasally, and is loved by the judges but makes a lukewarm impression on this reviewer.

...In which Taylor Hicks risks it all on Sam Cooke's You Send Me, pulling out the "I can do more than karaoke" card with no time to spare.

...In which Elliott Yamin finds himself comfortable in the genre, yet still sounds just like 75% of his previous performances while singing Frank's It Had to Be You.

In which Kellie Pickler butchers, batters, and botches Ella Fitzgerald's Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (but at least doesn't sound country while doing it.)

...In which Ace Young is still convinced that his falsetto will save him as he oddly crooons through That's All, but doing double duty as a Matthew Fox look-alike.

...In which Katharine McPhee exceeds expectations on Someone to Watch Over Me, giving the audience yet more proof that she could sing the phone book and still go platinum.

Weakest performance:
- Kellie

Strongest Performances*:
- Katharine
- Chris

(* I know, you're sooooo suprised!)

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Sassy said... 11:02 AM, April 19, 2006  

I agree with what you said about Elliott on my blog..I just can't help but love him. I guess it's the way some people STILL feel about Ace (ugh), but at least mine is based on some talent. ;)

I'm SICK of Kellie, that's why I was so hard on her. She's just really really bad, and I'm sick of everyone, even the JUDGES, sugar-coating it for her.

And that little dirty comment was purely accidental...I just left it there b/c it was funny. :)

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