AI5 - Top 6 - Andrea, David, and the Kids

First off, I have two disclaimers:

  1. I missed Katharine's performance last night. I was out watering the lawn and taking copious quantities of garbage to the curb. What are ya gonna do?

  2. My head/heart's not in it right now, on account of the "moving" stress and getting the house/yard cleaned up.

That said, I thought last night's performances weren't all that bad. With the possible exception of Kellie Pickler, who once again sounded like she was in a talent competition for the Miss Hillbilly pageant (not far off from her state beauty-queen roots, as I've heard).

I only heard the last bit of Elliott's performance ("Song for Yo"), but I saw enough to conclude that he sings like Corey Hart, in lips only. Also, I think he looks vaguely muppetish, lacking a certain basic range of emotions on stage. I can't comment on the strength of his song, though I didn't hear any cacked notes, so it was probably okay.

Kellie's performance ("Unchained Melody")? Bland, bland, bland. I called it before Cowell did.  At first, I indicated to my wife that this was like watching men's figure skating (stop judging!): you're waiting for the jumps, and in between, there's really nothing. Only for this song, there really was no jump. Even the "high note" was spoiled during the taped portion with Foster and Bocelli, and she didn't do it as well as her first attempt at it.

Paris ("The Way We Were"): Honestly, I'm getting tired of her Tony Braxton voice. She sings too low to properly enunciate, though she's got great stage presence. I think she did well, despite the fact that I also dislike Streisand.

Taylor ("Just Once"): My wife, the cheese-dog song lover, got chills during this one. I have to say, I actually liked this song. Sure, he did it much like the original, and it's pretty hard to get that boy to sing anything other than soul, but despite him sticking to his guns, he did very well.

Chris ("Have you ever  really loved a woman"): Once again with the Bryan Adams. Go Canadians, go! Chris did a fine job on this tune. The boy just knows that putting a little hurt in your voice is going to win over the five or six american girls who aren't currently voting for you.  One of the better performances of the night.

Strongest Performances:
- Chris/Taylor

Weakest Performance:
- Kellie (Christ. How many more weeks can she dodge the bullet, people?)

For a better review, head on oer to Sassy Girl's blog and hear her bitch about Kellie, drool over Chris, and pawn her hubby off on Katharine (only as a distraction tactic, mind you.) It's all good, folks.

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