AI5 - 10, J, Q, K... What, no Ace?

Ace: Your luck has finally run out. By my count, there's only one more person who has better luck than you, and god willing, she'll be gone next. I'll be browsing the shelves for your upcoming release, "Ace Young sings the hits of George Michael and Michael Jackson " (sounds like a Jeopardy Before and After question). Screaming 13-year old girls will just have to keep their Abercrombie & Fitch thongs on. That is, if they haven't already mailed them to Kevin Covais.

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Sassy said... 1:28 PM, April 20, 2006  

Hahahahahaha!! "...if they haven't already mailed them to Kevin Covais."


So, we'll bust out the champagne next week after Kellie (in order):

1. Cries when she meets Andrea Boccelli, then
2. Admits she's never heard of him before, then
3. Makes some politically incorrect statement about him being:
a) blind, or
b) Italian
4. Completely butchers one of the classic love songs, resulting in
5. Being voted off.

Here's hoping

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