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I'm somewhat annoyed. I've completely forgotten whose blog I was reading that mentioned Neverending White Lights, a compilation album of sorts, masterminded by Canadian artist / writer / producer Daniel Victor. For the time being, you can see the image of the album art on the sidebar of this page.

Anyway, before I go on telling you about this cooperative masterpiece, I want to thank whoever it was out there (and who is on my bloglines, but that's no friggin' help whatsoever) who mentioned something like, "is there anything Canadians can't do?!" in reference to this album.

OK, so on with the brief description of the album. It seems that Daniel Victor contacted coordinated the following artists to come together and make this album, likely on the first in a series of collaborative efforts by artists he holds in high esteem.

The cast is as follows (from

Daniel Victor (mastermind)
Chris Gordon - of Deckard
Nick Hexum - singer, 311
Chris Gray - singer, The Black Maria
Judah Nagler - of The Velvet Teen
Scott Anderson - of Finger Eleven
Marco DeFilice - of Supergarage
Daniel Greaves - formerly of Watchmen, Doctor (both defunct)
Nathan Larson - formerly of Shudder to Think, now solo
Jason Martin - of Starflyer 59
John Campsey - of Sleepway
Sharky Laguana - of Creeper Lagoon
Dallas Green - Alexisonfire
Matt Talbot - of Centaur, formerly of Hum
Raine Maida - Our Lady Peace
Todd Kerns - formerly of Age of Electric and Static in Stereo, now solo
Jimmy Gnecco - of Ours
Mogwai - as himself
Steve Barry - of Cirrus

The result is an interesting, etherial, eclectic combination (redundant?) of very listenable tracks. Not something you'll hear on the radio very much, but doesn't that just make it that much more durable ?

Check it out, and not just because it's heavily weighted with some great Canadian talent (like Todd Kerns and Danny Greaves, two of my favourite Canadian vocalists).

UPDATE: Ah-HA!!! I saw it at Jurgen Nation.

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Sassy said... 11:06 AM, March 21, 2006  

Well now that sounds incredibly interesting...maybe when I GET MY IPOD THIS WEEKEND (*squeeeal!*) I'll check it out on iTunes.

jurgen nation said... 11:23 PM, March 23, 2006  

There really isn't anything Canadians can't do! I'm just happy to be a neighbor so I can catch CBC3.

It's not on iTunes, alas. I searched up and down for this online and couldn't find it.

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