AI5 - This one goes up to ELEVEN!

Well, that about says it all. What I don't understand is how Melissa McGhee didn't get totally crucified on her peformance for forgetting the words (both in rehearsal and on stage, as we saw) -- I thought that was absolutely unforgiveable in Cowell's mind. But, such is life. I'm sure Melissa will have a thriving career ... as a dancing girl, or something. The girl's not too shabby in the looks department, but her singing isn't going to put Rice-a-Roni on the table for very long.

Also, Ace and Lisa were in the bottom three with her? LISA! Girl, you've got to do something to prove you deserve to stick around a while longer. Maybe after Ace is gone and Kevin's fans wise up (or die off), you'll trudge your way up the idol ladder a few more weeks.

Seeya next week, you lucky eleven.

PS: Also, has apparently been shut down. Thanks to Jamie Ford for sending me the link so I could have a peek before "the man" (as they put it) shut them down. For those not in the know, was measuring the busy-signal quotient on contestant voting, and all but accurately predicting who would be next to go. I guess they must have been doing this
during the voting, and it was influencing the (probably Kevin) voters. Or, maybe, they were just
perverting the pure institution that is American Idol. *snarky look*

That is all.

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Sassy said... 11:23 AM, March 16, 2006  

I'm telling you, Vote for the Worst will keep Kevin in for longer than anybody wants. Lisa needs to make herself memorable. Nobody in my house was surprised (or sad) to see Melissa go. Unfortunately, she's probably convinced herself it was because she forgot the words. Pretty sure it's really becuase she's just not all that good....

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