AI5 - The Sky Finally Falls on Chicken Little

OK, I admit it. It's a cheesey title, but I couldn't resist. Kevin Covais finally got the lowest number of votes on Amercian Idol, contrary to any groundswell of "underdog supporters" out there (and Grey Power the continent over). Also, I didn't want to slag the guy. He actually did a good job this week (though I didn't recap it, but I may comment at the end of this).

And, to top it off, his hair looked normal. The American Idol stylists must have finally broken through the pommade and attacked him with a blow-dryer yesterday. Whatever the reason, he was less chicken little than ever before (with the exception, perhaps, of his US Marines haircut he sported during his initial audition).

I can't say I was surprised to see Bucky (not Ace, despite my subconscious attempt to put him there in a previous version of this recap) and Lisa in the bottom three. My wife and I both called it before the 'bad news round', and surely they will be the next to do.

Also, I've decided that while Elliott Yamin is probably one of the better male singers on the show, he won't outlast Chris in the top 10.

So, your final ten looks like this, and I'm taking the liberty of ordering them by my most to least favourite:

1) Katharine McPhee
2) Chris Daughtry
3) Elliott Yamin
4) Mandisa
5) Paris Bennett
6) Taylor Hicks
7) Lisa Tucker
8) Ace Young
9) Bucky Covington
10)Kellie Pickler

See Y'all next week. And Kevin, if you're out there, don't sweat it. Your career is waiting for you, if you want it.

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coolbeans said... 12:20 PM, March 23, 2006  

I thought Bucky was in the bottom three with Lisa and Kevin. It was Ace not Bucky? I didn't see the show because I was out galavanting/gallivanting.

Could you please put Ace above Lisa Tucker? Please? Do it for the children. For all the little children I would make with Ace if he weren't gay like Sunday.

themikestand said... 12:24 PM, March 23, 2006  

oh,'re right about Bucky. He was in the bottom three.

I think I subconsciously put Ace in there. Bad Mike. BAD!

And I could put Ace and Lisa perhaps as a "tie", but only because only one is remotely interesting, and only one can really sing. Unfortunately they're not the same person.

(now, off to change Ace to Bucky. Har.)

coolbeans said... 3:10 PM, March 23, 2006  

Hmm. Which do you think is which?

Because I don't think Lisa is interesting. I don't think Lisa can perform. Sing, maybe, but not perform.

And Ace. Well. We all know how I feel about the tasty dish they're calling "Ace Young".

The word verification doesn't like me. It has been possessed by the demonic force that dwells within Lisa Tucker's forehead. Just above and betwixt her brows.

themikestand said... 3:21 PM, March 23, 2006  

Certainly Lisa is the more talented singer. Ace just doesn't do anyting as well as he did "father figure"...and even that was only good because he happened to do the Karaoke bit very well.

However, Lisa is forgettable, as we have already seen.

And yes, Ace is one tasty dish. No argument there.

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