AI5 - Seriously? Top 10?

American Idol. The theme? Songs of the 21st century. Lots to choose from, so what gives with all the crap? Disappointing, to say the least.

I will attempt to sum up last night's Top Ten American Idol performances in haiku form. Like so:

Lisa Tucker
diminutive nymph
you tried so hard - no avail
you may be the next (to go)

Kellie Pickler
blonde with ambition
but without any real voice
cuteness may save you

your pretty man looks
can't hold out too much longer
better find that voice

they still don't believe
that grey haired youth can kick ass
you're on top this week

size may not matter
but song choice may seal the deal
what gives tonight, girl?

Chris Daughtry
Creed?? questionable
again typecasting yourself
only up from here

beauty with great pipes
that tune does you injustice
can't wait for next week

the bumpkin returns
with forgettable country
safe for seven days

beyonce? big shoes
your youth betrays your pipes, miss
unconvincing tonight

I once said, "he's swell"
but now I think, "just quirky"
soulful? Hmm. Okay.

Go ahead, ask me. Who's next, Mike? Who'll be sacrificed this week?
In order of deserving the boot:
1) Lisa
2) Ace
3) Bucky

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Sassy said... 2:42 PM, March 29, 2006  

I LOVE that you did them in Haiku form! You're so much cooler than I am....

Jessica said... 10:25 AM, March 30, 2006  

This is so cute, Mike, that I won't call you on the few that weren't perfect Haikus (tee hee).

Oh - and don't mind Jenny Amadeo - you can TOTALLY come the next time.

themikestand said... 10:32 AM, March 30, 2006  

Thanks :)

But I only see the last line of Paris's review as being one syllable short.

I'll try harder next time!

Jessica said... 1:28 PM, March 30, 2006  

Actually, Mike - I stand corrected. I love haiku poetry.

Oh - and my favorite is "Creed??? Questionable." hee/hee.

Sassy said... 2:45 PM, March 30, 2006  

Saw your comment on Babs' space about your HNT post on my blog. Did you comment on Osbasso's site (the creator of HNT)? That's how you get the comment flow...people read his comments and go visit blogs from there. :)....just in case you ever do it again on my blog or your own!

gingajoy said... 3:23 PM, March 30, 2006  

u called it, you genius u.

themikestand said... 3:26 PM, March 30, 2006  

joy: Clearly one of my life's shining moments, that prediction. ;)

jamie ford said... 1:52 AM, April 05, 2006  

Nice haiku.

Tonight's show was lame. Taylor Hicks brought his D-game. So disappointing.

There's always next week.

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