Theme Week: Music - Day One

That's right, folks, it's my very first "theme week". And, like all good weeks, it's beginning on a FRIDAY! (Admit it, if your week started on Friday, you'd never dread the first-of-the-week.)

Since I haven't shut up about High Fidelity, The OC and Falcon Beach (hoo boy do I ever want to talk about that show and all the glorious music), I feel I should do something constructive or at least organized with it. Add to that something I dredged up from the past and something I promised to do in an earlier post, and I think I have enough for a few days' worth of posts. And, since I'm a music dork, it's gonna be about music.

And so we begin with a collection of writings I did a little while back, but didn't do anything with...

It's not often that I sit down and write just for the sake of writing (well, not since my love-stricken high school days, and trust me, you don't want to read that crap). But a while back, I had the inspiration to do a little first-person essay writing on the topic of music.

I'm not sure what I wanted to do with the whole project, but since I opted to do NOTHING with it, the least I could do is share it with someone out there who desperately needs to read something.


Note: This was written a couple of years ago, so some references may be slightly out of date.

I realize that, in this world, people have their own idea of what constitutes good music. This rings true every time you hear someone talk about the latest band they're either obsessing over, or the latest in a long line of hated bands, sounds, images, and music genres. What follows is not so much a documentary-type endeavor, but more a journal of thoughts, impressions, and personal obsessions relating to music and the industry as I understand it. It should be stated at the outset that I am highly unqualified to comment as an expert on music, or on the industry. I am nothing but a listener - appreciating that which I deem 'good' music.

I consider myself rather open to all varieties of music, and I have clear likes and dislikes within that. Not infrequently do I find myself going on and on about a new band, or a new album that I have heard, begging others to indulge me in listening and feeling the music as I feed my obsession to not only experience, but to share. My love of music transcends audible boundaries and manifests itself in everything from emotional to physical responses. Chills up my back, down my arm, a twitch in my face, all because of the way music makes me feel. Not just any music, mind you. I don't find myself bawling in the car on the way to work because of some sappy song on the radio, but certain sounds affect me in a way that nothing else can.

Now, there are innumerable people in this world to whom music is just background noise, generally inaudible and superfluous to life in general. If you fit this description, these writings are not for you. Stop reading. These types of people will not understand the hype and attraction to new music, old music, and everything in between. They will not understand the power, the sensuality, and the emotion that are embodied in this form of so-called 'entertainment'. They will not hear (and make note of) the soundtrack/score in the movie they just sat through two-and-a-half hours of, nor will they hear it in the background of their favourite television shows. It is the lightest form of entertainment, the least demanding of attention. Others, however, will hear every note in the background on television, watch the movie credits to find out who did that song, and write down the names of bands on little scraps of paper as they're waking up with a cup of steaming coffee on a Saturday morning while watching the music television station or listening to the radio (OK, that was me). They are truly involved; they are the active, participatory audience.

As I mentioned, I tend to go off on extended tangents about new and old music that has grabbed or steadily held my attention, and cannot help but obsess and share my excitement with whoever will sit and listen to me ramble. Somewhere in the sharing is the basic premise of these writings. I suppose that they're not really for anyone specific to read, but just to be read by anyone: passing strangers, voyeuristic thrill seekers, or boredom-stricken acquaintances who might enjoy listening to the rants and emotions of a not-so-total stranger. So, if you fit into one of these categories, feel free to read on.

Consider this your only warning.


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