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...a special Music Theme Week bulletin.

Just had to comment on Love Monkey's second episode. This almost fits in with Theme Week, since the show is so music-laden.

1. All the Top Five-ing going on in that show is really starting to underscore the High Fidelity roots
2. I kind of like the periodic references to "song titles" as they come up in (but are obviously written into the) conversations between characters. (e.g. "isn't that ironic?", "something to talk about", and "one way or another")
3. This episode's version of band-whoring includes cameo appearances by Leann Rymes and Ben Folds -- and frankly, they look somewhat out of place in the show.
4. "Wayne" (Teddy Geiger) is sort of like a more-interesting John Mayer (and no, I'm not the only one to make this comparison...the NBC blurb about him states it, though doesn't judge JM as harshly, I imagine).
5. Jason Priestly's role as a "cosmetic dermatologist" (aka Doctor) -- when I see him in a white lab coat, I feel like he should be flogging Bayer Aspirin on a commercial. Just...not convincing.
6. The "love interest", Julia Hixon, (Ivana Milicevic) I like. She's not quite as polished looking as in her biography page, which works for me. At any rate, as long as Tom Cavanagh's not going on and on about Carol Vessey, I'm pleased.

I think I enjoy Falcon Beach more, though the dialogue there isn't quite as peppy as Love Monkey's. I guess my grasping to retain (reclaim?) my youth only stretches so far.

(also, and unrelated: this post was made with ecto. I'm trying to find a good authoring tool for mac users. If there are any like-minded individuals out there, feel free to make recommendations. )

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SassyK said... 2:31 PM, February 06, 2006  

Speaking of Macs I can't help but think CD purchasing is becoming slightly "old-fashioned" what with our little friend the IPOD.

Most people I know think it is odd when I buy a CD (but I like them until they scratch). These people download or "borrow" songs and take their Ipods everywhere with them, often providing soundtracks to parties wherever they go!

CD's seem to be going the way of the 8 track. Seems to me that musicians/bands will have to produce hits for them ever to be bought. No more of these 2/10 songs that I like on CDs. But maybe that's a good thing...

themikestand said... 2:37 PM, February 06, 2006  

You're quite right, sassyk. Stay tuned (god, even that phrase will disappear soon enough) for Day 4 of theme week when I go off on an iPod rant. Also, something on getting the best bang for your music-buck.

I realised that my little music-rants would be partially outdated thanks to the emergence of the iPod generation, but I felt like sharing anyway.


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