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Because I have this habit of blogging in other people's comments sections, I thought I would do double-duty and share an example of this misbehaviour while masquerading as a real blog update.

Each week, bostonreadhead magnificently (and sassily) re-caps the latest round of American Idol (Stop reading if you're not a viewer, but frankly, the conversation around it almost makes it worth watching even if you're not that into it.) Without fail, I manage to blabber on in her comments section, responding to and usually agreeing with her take on the AI sitch.

Par example:

from: bostonredhead's Where Redheads Recap - The Guys (2/22)

Well my initial feeling was that the guys would make a much better showing than the girls did on Tuesday night...and BOY WAS I RIGHT! First of all, the two hours didn't drag on nearly as long as Tuesday night's show seemed to. Secondly, there are just more good guys than there are good girls! Paula wasn't as drunk tonight, but I think all three judges should have to go in for drug tests after the leniency they gave some of the

1. Patrick Hall ("Come to My Window") - VERY ballsy choice of song for your first song in the competition. That is a HARD song to do for females, let alone guys. However, he is the type of guy the judges could easily rip for being "too safe," so I applaud him. I like his voice and he seems to have decent technique, but he's not my favorite. I hope he stays in another week.

2. David Radford ("Crazy Little Thing Called Love") - I think this guy is totally overdoing the gimmick of the "old-style" singing, but it will probably continue to work for him. I felt like he was doing more of a character voice, like that's maybe not really what his natural voice sounds like. But, I wanted to hug him during his critique...they were really hard on him. He needs to, should he survive this week, tone it down and let a little more of himself show through.

3. Bucky Covington ("Simple Man") - Hmmm. First of all, I can't understand a word coming out of his mouth. What a hillbilly! haha! It was a great song for him, but I don't know that his style of singing will transfer across genres. Not sure how I feel about him...felt very non-commital after his performance

4. Will Makar ("I Want You Back") - This song really emphasized how young he is, and didn't really show off any vocal ability. That being said, it was a ballsy choice, and I was captivated. I thought he did a good job with it. But, will it be enough.....?

5. José "Sway" Penala ("Reasons") - Horrible. From beginning to end, it was horrible. I felt like my ears were being raped with a spiked...well, you get the idea. There was nothing natural about this performance, and I swear to God, if he's another Mikalah Gordon and makes it through...*vomit*. The judges must have been sleeping, they should've RIPPED him!! Ugh, so bad.

6. Chris Daughtry ("Wanted: Dead or Alive") - As soon as he announced his song choice, I started nodding my head. PERFECT song for him, and I think he did it really well. He has a great voice for recording rock albums someday, and the perfect image (god, he's so sexy) for the album cover. He seemed nervous, but I think he is going through to next week with flying colors!!

7. Kevin Covais ("One Last Cry") - Oh my...he looks SO out of place...he seriously looks like he's 10 years old. He has a great natural talent, but I can't LOOK at him when he sings. It's just weird. When I closed my eyes and listened, it was actually a pretty decent vocal showing...but the image really doesn't work. I'm not really sure what to think about him...but I do think Simon was too harsh on him.

8. Gedeon McKinney ("Shout") - I could NOT take my eyes off him throughout the whole performance. He has an amazing smile, an incredible voice, and great stage presence. He also was very smart about his song was exciting, with perfectly timed places where he slowed down and showed off how great his voice really is. I loved it...A+ performance.

9. Elliott Yamin ("If You Really Loved Me") - I really really like this guy's voice, and I agree with Simon that it's one of the best in the competition. He did better than most would, singing a Stevie Wonder song...that really took guts. He did a really great job, but the Hubby and I agreed that we love his voice SO MUCH, we were expecting to be blown away. I think he needs to "kick it up a notch."

10. Bobby Bennett ("Copacabana") - I ask you, is Barry Manilow EVER really a good choice for a song? Eeehhhhh......? He's got a great personality, but unfortunately, this time it didn't hide a rather less-than-mediocre performance. It was pretty sad actually...I was very UNimpressed. Next...

11. Ace Young ("Father Figure") - Okay, Cara, I promised you I'd be open-minded. Everything he has done up to this point has been incredibly yawn-worthy to me. But, you heard it here first folks...he really did a good job. If he were even slightly arrogant, I'd want to kick his ass, but he seems like a sweet guy. He made a BRILLIANT song choice, and he sang it well. However, he needs to use more of his full voice, because there are only so many George Michael songs out there, Ace. Pep it up a little, and I'll continue to be impressed. Good job, but I see MUCH more potential than you're giving.

12. Taylor Hicks ("Levon") - YES. He took. It. To. CHURCH. Fantastic song choice, but I wish he'd been a little more of the crazy Taylor I know and love. He was nervous, but he is SO genuine!! He has more HEART and a soul full of music than any other person in the competition. I love him, the judges love him, Simon even came around...I'm just not sure America will see how fucking great he is past the girls who got lost on the way to the America's Next Top Model auditions. He was my absolute favorite of the night.

Now, here are my picks:

Worst two of the night:

"Sway" Penala
Bobby Bennett

I think they might actually be the two who go home, but it could easily be one of the Three Young Crooners instead of Sway. This is a tougher call than the girls...we'll see tomorrow night!


Ooooh, I was just waiting for your update this morning! For the most part, I totally agree with your assessment. But, because I know you like when I play along:

Patrick Hall: Hello? Chandler? Is that you in there? (I just....didn't buy it. He's just OK)

David Radford: Unfortunately, America doesn't need another Harry Connick Jr, regardless of how talented and smooth he is. Time to branch out and explore your range, if you have one, David.

Bucky: You'd never guess his name from his appearance, or his speaking voice ;) But not bad. I don't think Skynard will skyrocket him to the top, or the finals, so it'll be good to see what he's got in his back pocket.

Will Makar: A good rendition. Clearly talented. I want to see more of him.

Sway: Please, America... send Sway and his kooky hat/get-up home. And soon.

Chris Daughtry: ...could make Bon Jovi and rock ballads famous again. See Bo Bice, pre recording contract. He could be my man-crush, along with Ace Young.

Kevin Covais: I'm sorry. I couldn't get past his little lisp. Nice voice, but I'm not convinced he's going to sell records with that image. And pass the crackers. This guy is the epitome of cheese.

Gedeon McKinnee: Good thing he can sing. I couldn't see anything from the reflection off his teeth. Great smile, great voice... can't wait to see where he'll go next.

Elliott Yamin: I wasn't sure about the song choice, but the guy's got heart, and a voice to back it up. He and Christ Daughtry share in the good old non-plasticky image.

Bobby Bennett: Sorry, man. You're all vegas. There was more show than song here; if he gets a chance to convince America otherwise, he'd better consider his song choice very carefully.

Ace Young: Ace Yum? This guy reminds me of David Usher, a once-popular Canadian singer. ( ) -- If I'd had access to TiVo, I'd still be at home replaying his performance. If he's so much as in the bottom half, I'll be disgusted.

Taylor Hicks: I hope to god this guy teaches America to like the soul roots of rock/pop music. He's the whole package, but I hope his quirkiness doesn't dissuade people from voting for him in droves.

My Hopefuls:

- Elliott Yamin
- Chris Daughtry
- Ace Young
- Taylor Hicks


So, go visit her blog to read up on other AI reviews and other things red-headed.

But ignore the pompous guy trying to take over the comments section.

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Sassy said... 4:21 PM, February 23, 2006  

Please, I love the long comments! You are my official American Idol 5 Co-Correspondent. :)

But hey, thanks for the plug!

gingajoy said... 3:24 PM, March 01, 2006  

bobby bennett was more than mediocre (or, as he would growl, mediocrrrre). it was like watching a fricking train wreck! i had to agree with simon when he said, "america is watching and thinks we were off our rockers."

uhm, yeah!

but then he is booted, and the freak entertainment value is gone. (boo hoo).

i am rooting for the baldyheaded bad-teeth guy.

taylor hicks? i am both attracted and repelled.

here's to tonight!!

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