AI5 - The two-four becomes the two-zero

For more commentary on this, I invite you to visit bostonredhead's site (she does a better recap. I'm just here for witty banter. Ok, fine. Just banter.)

Becky O'Donahue: I must say, I was a little surprised that America didn't defend "the pretty one" more than was evident. Certainly there could have been others to go, and I don't think she should have been at the bottom. The fact remains that she slaughtered the song she chose. I would strongly advise future contestants to avoid songs sung by Natalie Merchant. Only she can pull off the semi-monotone female croon like that. Regardless: Becky and her sister won't starve.

Bobby Bennett: I sort of thought this guy would go, but it's a pity it turned out to be so soon. I really would have liked to hear more from him, but he fell victim to the curse of the "first song selection" - along with the reality that "someone has to go", as Cowell said about Stevie. More on her in a minute. Bobby probably didn't have the "IT factor" referenced by the judges; maybe his future endeavours will be less of a letdown for him. I think AI probably hit him where it hurts, despite his calm and upbeat demeanor.

Stevie Scott: Again, I didn't think she'd go so soon, but I can't say I'm overly surprised. She probably has more range and power than bostonredhead thinks she has, but we'll never see if she can compete with the "big girls" (not a reference to body type, I swear!). I can see her doing some Tori Amos or something of that nature. Maybe it's the rail-thin body frame that influences that. She clearly wears her heart on her sleeve; I hope she takes some solace from being in the top 12 females.

Patrick Hall: This is the case of a guy who's probably too talented to really let it all show in one song. I wasn't crazy about him doing Come to My Window in the first place, but to each his own. Maybe future weeks would have had cheesier music, and for that we can be thankful for his early departure. I didn't give him much of a review yesterday, mostly because I couldn't figure out what else to say about him. He'll probably do well with his talents, outside the AI fishbowl. Frankly, he'll probably also do better once he can get past the AI "nearly finalist" branding. And again...someone had to go. Too bad it was him (so early).

It would be interesting to know the vote-spread, or who was on the chopping block next, according to votes. But don't we always say that?

Overall, I have to say that I'm enjoying the maturity level of the group of guys (due mostly to the fact that they're older), but really looking forward to hearing more from one or two of the girls.

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Sassy said... 10:28 AM, February 24, 2006  

I agree with most of what you said...Hubby and I were talking last night and we both agreed that it'll be harder to let each guy go, whereas there are still several girls I want gone ASAP. I was really sad to see Patrick go. :(

Jessica said... 11:43 AM, February 24, 2006  

I don't watch the show so I appreciate the re-cap here (makes me feel as if I don't have to tune in to know what's going on)....and I have to agree re: Natalie Merchant. No one does it like her..

Brianna said... 5:18 PM, February 24, 2006  

I don't actually watch this but...

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