A Television Tangent*

note: (this is what happens when you spend your evenings pacing the floors of your house with a newborn in your arms, desperately hoping that he'll close his eyes and drift off to sleepyland. )

I'm starting to wonder if all the good telvision ideas are all used up, and it's now time to start combining things in order to get something "fresh", even though it'll undoubtedly remind you of something else, but hey, at least you're not watching primetime gameshows, crime dramas and their offspring, or contests of will, wit, physical endurance, or grotesqueness

And so it was with equal parts excitement and trepidation that we watched** the premiere of a new comedy/drama last night: Love Monkey. I must say, I looked forward to this show because I actually do like Tom Cavanagh, even though he played the fickle, hapless Ed in that self-titled TV show - which may still run in syndication, though I grew tired of the main love-story in the first season and started watching it for the supporting cast.

So, Tom has jumped networks, starring and co-producing a show that is decidedly un-realityTV-esque (thank god). However, I have to complain a little. And, not to ruin it for anyone who's TIVO'd it but has yet to screen it, but it really does smack of a few very recognizeable characters from days gone by. (I should also note that I have done very little research on the origins of this television series or read ahead for future plot summaries.) Gentle reader, allow me a little television math (or entertainment genetics, if you will): + High Fidelity logo (High Fidelity) + Jerry Maguire movie poster; Image hosted by Photobucket.com = Love Monkey Logo - Image hosted by Photobucket.com Love Monkey, you see, is about a scrupulous and idealistic agent who's furiously devoted to the "good" music scene, who is questionably neurotic when it comes to relationships, and who embarks upon a life altering career change involving going out on one's own in the dog-eat-dog business of dealing with celebrities. He's got a posse of best-buds who both ridicule and support him, and a protective sister who's trying to inject a little reality into his life. Stir in some pretty decent dialogue ("Wheat balls?" "No, I always sit this way") delivered at mindboggling speeds (cf: OC, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development), and is any of this starting to sound familiar? Oh! I should throw in a little 90210 logo and OC Logo just for the band-whoring that will undoubtedly take place throughout the life of this show. And I'd like to say, for the record, that it's only pure coincidence that I drew reference to 90210 and Jason Priestly plays a supporting character role. I can't knock the producers for their efforts to bring together some of the sexier aspects of hour-long, primetime comedy dramas - indeed, most of it works.

I also support the continued Canadian invasion of the US television market, and I do like both Cavanagh and Priestly (the latter enriched by his mad driving skillz), but if so much as one cast member winds up at the Peach Pit for a concert, I'm calling shenanigans. Hear that, Cavanagh? You have seven more episodes to inject a little originality. Carry on.

* I realise the existence of a conversational tangent requires a main topic to begin with. Sue me.
** taped
*** and then watched, really, because you never get to actually watch something when it's ON with a toddler and a newborn in the house
*** DVR? Tivo? What's that?

[update] OOOH! I nearly forgot! The theme song is by the Odds - "Someone Who is Cool". Another Canadian connection. That's right. We're infiltrating your perimeter.

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Here's what I have to say about the "oh-so-terribly-witty" verbal sparring and bantering on these television shows a la Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, et al...



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