January Randomness

1. Yes I'm Fifteen Years Old Do You Wanna Make Something Of It?

We watched Falcon Beach last night. Actually, we watched episodes 1 (downloaded) and 3 (televised), skipping episode 2 because there wasn't sufficient time to watch it. Not surprisingly, missing the middle episode didn't result in much confusion from the viewer's end of things.

Part of the reason we wanted to check this show out is because it's Canadian. I know, it seems silly to watch something just for that reason, but since the show appears to be similar to other American shows (The OC, North Beach, and another one I just managed to forget the name of), it might have a slightly different take on things.

Secondly, it's actually filmed at Winnipeg Beach, a place I've actually been. I grew up in Winnipeg, and though we didn't get out to the beach very often, our periodic visits often landed us on Lake Winnipeg. So I get something of a nostalgia warm-fuzzy thinking of it. Also, who would have thought of Manitoba as a place to film a beach community themed teen drama? Who, I ask!

The show itself wasn't bad. Less contrived than The OC, but with a smaller, less dynamic cast and inferior dialogue in my opinion. So far, all three plot lines are based on money (and the lack thereof), and we've had an introduction to a former model and ecstasy-junkie, an affluent family involved in a business in trouble, a local cash-strapped family business, a rekindled childhood romance, and a tricky summertime adolescent romance. The sexual innuendo is pretty tame thus far, and everything is overshadowed by these great recurring wakeboarding montages: the show could easily be mistaken for a hybrid of a waterskiing video and a soap opera.

Another bonus is all the Canadian music that'll be showcased. For instance (and this is SO much more than a casual mention), the theme song is a tune by none other than Holly McNarland, one of my absolute favourite Canadian artists. Other audio appearances are expected by Sloan, Sam Roberts, Doctor, Kathleen Edwards, AC Newman, Matthew Barber, Hawksley Workman and Matt Mays and El Torpedo. All good stuff, my friends. All good stuff.

We'll probably watch it again if we remember to. I may even try to watch the middle / missing episode to see if I really did miss anything. Heck, what else do you have to do when you're awake 20 hours out of every day?

2. Musing of Musical Memes

Not to start another needless meme, but I've been trying to think of something that incorporates a sense of musical ambassadorship (i.e. the sharing of your likes with others), through the lens of the top-five list à la High Fidelity. Sharing music has always been something I derive great pleasure from, and the new ipod is horribly under-stocked at the moment. So, look forward to something in the future. More importantly, dear reader, look forward to being tagged.

3. You Never Can Tell

There's a danger in thinking your infant is learning to sleep through the night and get his schedules straightened out. Even though you tell yourself not to expect a certain level of sleep, and even though he's allowed you to sleep for 6+ hours a night twice this week, it's possible that those were just random freebies. I must continue to resist calling the fortuitous events "the makings of a pattern" and the unfortunate events "blips".
Also, can I nap now? Please?

4. Come on and Work it on Out (Work it on out, oooooh)

My lovely wife and mother of my children has procured me a ten-visit pass to a local fitness club chain at the cut-rate price of $1.50 per visit (the fitness club is helping fundraise for one of her gymnast's school events). The only catch is that I have to use all the visits in the next five weeks. The bonus is, if i do accomplish this, I'll have worked out TEN TIMES IN A MONTH!!! Ahh, the decadence. The sweat. The sense of feeling human again. I can hardly wait.

5. A Code in by Doze

Advil Cold and Sinus, I think I love you.

6. Quintessential Quentin

This weekend is the 8th Annual Winterblah Film Festival: an overnight shindig chock full of movies on the big screen and in surround sound, hosted by a friend of Pete's. I tagged along two iterations ago when the theme was "war films", and caught some of Hamburger Hill and watched all of Full Metal Jacket, while imbibing copious quantities of beer, Jack Daniels, and homemade chili. This was topped off by a beer-cap game (drink a beer, draw from a bucket of specially-marked beer caps) with DVDs and other goodies as prizes. Creg (the host) can really throw a party for his boys. Last year's theme was zombie movies, and while I can honestly say I'd never watched one before, I rather liked what I saw of Evil Dead 2. I think I drank less Jack last year, but I don't remember very well.

Obviously this year's films are Quentin Tarantino themed, and include Jackie Brown, Kill Bill (Volumes 1 and 2), Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs. If we get the opportunity to attend, I highly doubt I'd be able to stay for more than one movie, but someday it would be cool to try and stay (and stay UP) for the whole thing. Somehow, and I don't know how, but he manages to.

That's it. I'm out. A happy weekend to all.

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coolbeans said... 9:37 PM, January 20, 2006  

OHMIGOD! I have to go to the Tarantino film festival!

But it's really dumb of me to be jealous because I have all the other movies you listed except Jackie Brown. Which I love.

Stay for Kill Bill 1, fo' sho'. Don't miss that one.

Jessica said... 2:41 PM, January 23, 2006  

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog...even if you didn't really know the words to the Hippo book - too funny!

themikestand said... 2:43 PM, January 23, 2006  

Hee. I just had the wrong hippo book. Sandra Boynton's work is all over our house, but not that particular book. I'll have to rectify that.

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