Striking names off the list


That's not to say that the prase, "jesusmaryandjoseph!" won't be uttered many more times before this baby finally decides to enter this world.

Yesterday was a very confusing day. After finding out we weren't going to have an ultrasound, but that we were going for some other testing (pregnancy stuff queasy folk should not click onBishop's scoring, they tell me), we missed the Boy's Xmas party at the daycare and sent the grandparents isntead, opting to sit and wait in various hospital rooms and travel between the hospital and our house, thinking we were indeed in labour. The Prostin gel My Lovely Overdue Wife received at 9:30 in the morning likely did NOT do its job (or not as effectively as we thought it would), and caused contractions that lasted into the evening. We went back to the hospital at 3:00 PM to be assessed as to whether another dose of Prostin would be necessary. It was not - or wouldn't be prudent because of the mild, regular contractions. We were sure everything else was going to roll along merrily because of this.

What we didn't know was that the contractions were actually being caused BY the prostin, and even though it appeared as though this child would be born in the next day, our visit to the hospital at 9PM (#4 in two days) informed us otherwise.

There is a many and varied combination of factors at work, complicating our lives at the moment:

1. the Prostin has really done nothing except irritate the cervix, not to mention my wife.
2. Another dose (or several more doses) of Prostin may do the trick, but may assist in inducing real labour such that this child is born on Christmas day -- which isn't a bad thing.

3. Our family-doctor-and-baby-deliverer leaves town for vacation on the 26th, which is why we considered this induction process in the first place. Getting this baby out before the 25th was not as important as having it delivered by someone we know, and who knows the history of my wife's last labour.

4. The Lovely Overdue Wife is now quite irritated at having lost a day to "f**king around with something that, in the end, is not going to do f**k all to speed this process along, but instead cause us grief and we're going to have this child after Christmas and our doctor won't be there". I'm paraphrasing to some extent.

So we're going over to the in-laws, where the Boy spent the night last night. Luckily breaking the news to a 21-month old that he is not, in fact, and older brother yet, won't be difficult.

More updates to come. Hopefully another child, too.

- Mike

PS: Grammie says it's going to be a boy, because clearly "he doens't want to come out; he just likes being taken care of". Seems logical to me.

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sween said... 4:57 PM, December 24, 2005  

Well, best of luck from me and My Lovely Wife to you and your Lovely Overdue and Pissed-The-Hell-Off Wife.

We're in St. John's now, so I hope everything goes well. I will still be checking in (thanks to jeebus they got high speed internet this year).

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