Roll call: 3 present, 1 tardy

Countdown: T - 0 hours/days. Baby is due today. But really, given my propensity to act as though the carton of milk in the refrigerator is "still good" only 9 days after the expiration date, I shouldn't think that my second child would arrive on time, now, would I?

Actually, it works out better that s/he hasn't decided to introduce him/herself to us yet. I have a lot of work to do in the office. The weekend would be nice. Hear that, large-and-making-your-mommy-uncomfortable fetus?

One thing that has happened due to the non-early arrival of second-child is that we've actually accomplished a few things around the house that we might not have otherwise gotten to. I believe in the eyes of moms, this is called "nesting", and it's an instinctual desire to order your husband around the house cleaning, prepping, and building things because by Job, there will be no sleep once the child arrives, and said child will be terribly disappointed if you don't have that new Butler's Pantry in the kitchen.

I suppose one other thing that's happened is we've had more time to kick names around, even though we haven't settled on anything we're totally in love with. I think we've got the boy's names (or a few of them) in hand, but the girl's names are sort of eluding us. And I now have one more night to get photos / video of the ultimate state of "our" pregnancy - evidence that she may not want around these days, but may appreciate someday in the future.

Last night's dream involved my wife going into labour at her place of work and me having to somehow deal with her getting to the hospital (which is about a five-minute walk from my work and a 30-minute drive from hers). The Boy actually started his labour early on a Monday morning, so there was really no opportunity to even get to work. That was rather convenient; why should I believe this child would be the same?

Now that I'm done counting down, do I now start counting up? Hmm...

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