Just Like the Ones I Never Knew

In honour of Jason's weekend post, ("Winter? Oh, it's here"), here are a few pictures of the boy playing in the snow today. Being the first real introduction to snow (he would have only been as old as two months old last year when the snow left), he was naturally trepidacious -- and later quite pissed off at the inconvenience of this seemingly harmless white stuff. Not even the excitement of "new boots!" could overcome the dismay of taking brave steps only to have your face stuck in an icy mess with your dad snapping pictures in your face. I'm sure vengeance will be his, some day.

That was yesterday. Today, we/I endeavoured to build our very first snow-person. As you can see, one of us was less than enamoured by the prospect of having such a figure invading the front yard. (notice the stylish scarf -- my wife later admonished me for choosing to dress our snowperson so well.)

Of course, the rains that came later in the day took care of some of the snow, but we received less rain than expected so we still have some snow, though quite slushy and dirty, left.

Am I dreaming of a slate-grey Christmas?

Living on the coast means having very different weather at Christmas time for me. Growing up, the snow boots would be on my feet by Hallowe'en, and the only time my feet would see anything different before April was to put on skates to hit the community arena. Seeing people cross country ski down the streets was not uncommon. Nor was having your parents push you out the back door to trudge around the house and dig out your front door.

I can't say as I'm complaining much these days; on the contrary, I think I'm getting soft in my advancing years. However, there is still a special place in my heart and memory for a pure, white blanket on the city.

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jenB said... 1:37 AM, December 21, 2005  

you're a dad. that is so awesome.

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