The Couch as Classroom

Here's a story you might have heard from any parent of a toddler. It's called the "Holy shit where did he learn to say that?" story. Usually recounted, however, is the version where someone has sworn loudly in the car, perhaps after slamming on the breaks, and the child chimes in from the back seat with some extremely well-pronounced expletive. Always a fun story, that. The flip side of this, and chock full of possibilities, is the re-naming of common, everyday objects.

Case in point: It's Monday morning of this week, and the boy and I are doing our usual routine: getting up, heading downstairs and sitting on the couch with his "boys" (a stuffed pig and dog) to watch a little Weather Network. Hey, he likes the blue screen, and nobody there gets too excited. Also, there's Oga Nwobosi, whose name he just really likes.

Down the stairs strolls my lovely wife, glowing in her 8.5 months pregnant state, to fix herself some cereal. Now, the boy knows what "cereal" is, and can communicate his desire for it. Also, he's like any other kid, wherein if you've got something that looks good, he'll want some. Upon motioning and grunting his desire for some of mom's cereal and getting one solitary 'mini-wheat', his mother smiles and mumbles, "mooch." Wednesday rolls around. Same situation, only this time, instead of the grunting and motioning, he stretches out his hand and calmly requests some Mooch.

And that is the story of how Mini Wheats came to be known as "Mooch".

In our desire to keep this kid the same cute, innocent person he is today, we may never correct him. I'm also currently considering other ways to screw this kid up. I picture him going to playschool and misidentifying (with great gusto) everything a normal kid should know.

One other thing:

Hello to Jen out west, whose blog I miraculously ran across via Dooce. Oddly enough, I made Jen's acquaintance when I lived in Edmonton and while perusing her blog this week thought to myself: "Self? This girl sounds awfully familiar." So, cheers to old friends.

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jenB said... 1:38 AM, December 21, 2005  

i was telling my husband about you and he asked how you found me. glad to know. i feel so sentimental about finding you as well. it makes me teary. it is motherhood i tell you. makes you cry all the freakin' time.


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