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Because Jason wrote this entry in his blog, I feel I must respond to it, even though it's a good three months late. Ironically, it's only because I didn't post enough in his comments section that he named me as a tagee in this little shindig.

So, without further ado...witness the participation!

What I was doing:

Ten Years Ago:
Early December 1995 would put me in Edmonton, freezing my ass (and my long, beautiful arts-student hair) off every morning trudging to university to either prepare for, or write various economics exams. I'd recently dropped out of Econ 487 (Advanced Methods in Mathematical Economics) -- the only course I ever had to drop because I -just- couldn't do it. As an aside, but not an excuse, the midterm average and passing grade was 32% in that course. At any rate, I ditched that little gem of a course and was about to venture into new territory in my degree (the "Honours Essay", or Wimps Way Out). I was sharing an apartment with Neall, a friend from a drama class I took (aka "the bird course") the previous year, and driving a very cold 1971 volkswagen beetle on the weekends. I was both trying, and trying not to continue a summer romance with a girl who was from the Edmonton area, but was actually going to school in Halifax. There are times in our lives when we can readily admit to not being even remotely rational. This is one of those times for me. Anyway, I got through both the romance/breakup and the school year unscathed.

Five Years Ago: The end of the year 2000 puts me in Halifax (...seriously), one year after moving to this locale, having just finished my Masters thesis and getting a one-year casual job with the federal government, and through amazing coincidence mixing both my university degree disciplines. My first season of indoor ultimate was getting underway and I was still six months from wrecking my knee on the ultimate field. I wonder if I was faster or more agile that winter on the indoor pitch? Living downtown, but not on the wrong side of the tracks (you could see the wrong side of the tracks from our house) with my now-wife of three years, we were making strides in the domesticity department. I think I was going through another bout of selfishness, but I'm really not interested in delving into that right now. I'm already anticipating some therapy, thankyouverymuchJason.

One Year Ago: Halifax. I'm a home-owning daddy and husband of 2 yrs. Knee fixed but body-bloated, I embark on a weight-loss/maintenance regime that I continue even today. My son's first Christmas is approaching, but life is moving at such a breakneck speed (the irony of a toddler who can't walk making your life swirl about you is rich.) that it's hard to know if you're paying attention to the little things. Some other family issues have arisen over the past six months, lumped on top of even larger family issues in the past, so everyone (myself included) is trying to focus on a few little things to get us through the holidays.

Yesterday: Shut the alarm clock off and willingly slept in an extra half hour, which surprisingly made little impact on the time I arrived at work. 9 hours later I'm at home trying to calm down a tantrum-pitching toddler, eventually acquiescing to letting him eat his dinner bit by bit in the comfort of his playroom, rather than in the Iron Maiden (or you'd think that's what his high-chair was by his insistence to get "downpease"). Chill out, watch some curling, go to bed early.

Today: Work, as usual. Write a blog entry, consider moving my blog to a more user-friendly environment (again with the wimps-way-out, mike?). Think about a second coffee. Make mental note to buy coffee for home at some point today. Consider some xmas shopping for the relatives out west, and sending off pictures of the boy to the USAnian cousins. Catch up with a friend over a rare pint this evening.

Tomorrow: Thursday. Who can think this far ahead?

Five snacks I enjoy: Super Cherry Nibs, Hint of Lime Tostitos, toasted pita with peanut butter, popcorn, and a good juicy, semi-sour apple.

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:

This one's not all that hard for me, being a music freak.
- The Whitlams
- Ween (trust me, you don't always want to know the lyrics)
- The Refreshments
- Guster
- Neil Diamond

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:

- Pay off various debts, including student loan and house
- Bring family closer, if that works for them.
- Fix up aforementioned house
- Buy iPod
- take time off to be with soon-to-be second child.

5 bad habits I have:

- nail biting
- morning bitchiness (even though i'm a morning person)
- drink too much coffee
- open my mouth too often on the ultimate field. (i could have a whole list of ultimate bad habits)
- getting sidetracked at work.

5 things I like doing:

- playing ultimate
- watching football and napping with my wife
- going out for a run with the boy (the latter in the BOB, of course)
- discovering new tricks for the iBook
- eating and conversing with friends

5 TV shows I like:

- Monday Night Football
- Survivor (usually)
- The OC (no, really, stop laughing)
- Arrested Development
- Black Books

5 famous people I’d like to meet:

Wow.. this is tougher than I thought. I'm bad at identifying famous people.

5 biggest joys at the moment:

- the boy / family
- music
- coffee
- watching friends have kids and witnessing the "change"
- great food and wine

5 favorite toys:

- iBook
- bass guitar
- anything resembling a stereo / radio in my house
- digital camera
- power and hand tools.

People to tag:

(because I can't think of five people I know with blogs who know me back)
- briannak
- stolidmortified

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