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What a movie.


Originally broadcast on HBO, THE GIRL IN THE CAFE is a thought-provoking drama from British director David Yates (THE WAY WE LIVE NOW). Yates slices his narrative into two parts; the first involves a lengthy courtship between primary characters Lawrence (Bill Nighy) and Gina (Kelly MacDonald). Meeting by chance in a cafe, the two share a common bond, although Lawrence's natural reticence makes it hard for Gina to read him.

Watched this on Saturday night with some friends, and thoroughly enjoyed both the political side of it and the romancey side of it. Superb dialogue and sharp wit make this a gem of a rental. There's a lot more to it than the above description, but I cut it short to avoid giving it all away. Trust me on this one. If you liked Lost in Translation and (at least the dialogue in) Love Actually, you'll probably like this. Also, if you like delicious irish accents on cute actresses, this one's for you.

And if you're still not convinced, try on this line uttered in the movie regarding the impending G8 summit dinner which a main character is about to attend:

"Ah, three hours next to the dullest man in Canada... and that's a pretty competitive category."


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