Come again some other day

Here's a brief description of my preparation for, and walk to work this morning.

T-minus 20 minutes: Wife and child leave for work/daycare. I help load aforementioned child into van, noting the beauty of the yellow leaves that have fallen in the overnight hours due to high winds. Rains have subsided and there's a pleasant dampness to the morning. Decide goretex shell is a good bet, just in case more rain comes before the eventual clearing. Temperature: 13C, light wind.

T-minus 4 minutes: Fully dressed with goretex jacket on, I venture out and once again enjoy the splendor of the fall morning that is upon me. Slate gray sky appears drab, but optimistic. Looking forward to my 35-minute walk to work.

3 minutes into walk: Realise shoe choice for walk to work not optimal, but not bothered terribly because the trees have lost about 40% of their leaves overnight, creating a multicoloured carpet on the sidewalks and edges of road. It is a truly gorgeous fall day out there.

10 minutes into walk: Starting to really warm up, thinking about taking my jacket off. Unfortunately, some mist still hangs in the air and I don't want to get all dewey.

13 minutes into walk: Mist getting heavier. Consider removing eyeglasses soon. Umbrella might have been a good accoutrement.

15 minutes into walk: Mist turning to light rain. Decide to put hood up and protect personal radio from the elements. Witness a passing bus. Wonder if the $2 jingling in my pocket should be used for transportation instead of coffee.

20 minutes into walk: Rain. Unhappy about the change in the weather. Now realise what "showers ending this morning, chance of a thunderstorm" is all about. Vow to never again assume that just because it's not raining, that the showers for the morning have ended.

27 minutes into walk: Downpour. Charcoal coloured pants are now as dark as the sky above me. Wonder if I still have spare pants/socks at work. People begin to jog and run. Some with umbrellas. So close to work now that I smile and slog through it. Shoe is untied.

31 minutes into walk: Socks squish. Subtle laughter washes over me, much as the puddles and rivulets on the street corners was over my soggy shoes. I realise the coffee shop is around the corner, but consider skipping it to avoid soaking their floor with my drippy pants and jacket.

34 minutes into walk: Open door to coffee shop, dig out wet coinage to pay for coffee. Note that the cream is out and attempt to get enough milk into cup without overfilling. Leave coffee shop noting that people are no longer running, but the world and its inhabitants are sodden. Brush of momentary chill upon exiting the shop, knowing work is just around the next corner and one block away.

35 minutes into walk: Silently curse coworker pulling into driveway in car. Assume he's far dryer than self.

Time: work + 5 minutes: Have changed into spare pants. No longer have any chance of not looking like I dressed in the dark this morning. Don comfortable, but nonpractical beach shoes that I often wear in the winter after taking off my winter boots. Not winter, not the beach, yet somehow the most appropriate wardrobe choice of the morning.

Time: work + 7 minutes: Drape pants over the spare office chair and sopping jacket over door. Hope that everything dries out before I have to leave the office again. Silently chuckle at my blue pants and my striped green shirt and tie. Enjoying coffee. Good choice to not hop the bus after all. Perhaps six years in Halifax isn't enough to learn to overdress for the weather and to take the forecast with a grain of salt. Salt water, perhaps.

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