Sleepy Musings

Not sleepy in the sense that "it's in the wee hours of the night and i'm sleepy", but "i had a really terrible sleep last night and so i'm sleepy this morning."

Anyway, as I'm walking my 3/4 walk to work (got a ride the first part-way), and listening to my awful CBC Radio substitute teachers/hosts, I realise there are actually pros and cons to the CBC lockout.

Since you asked...

- 5,000 people out of work and forced to walk the picket line.
- People I don't get to hear from time to time: Hosts Don Connolly and Elizabeth Logan, Heidi Petrocyk, Carmen Claussen. Reporters: Rob North, Stephen Puddicomb, Maryann McGuire (oh how i love the irish accent), and many others.
- Programming like the Current (the daily informative news hour that actually digs into the issues), the World at Six, and As It Happens.
- No current CBC television programming, including the news network. This really bugs me.

- More music, which is actually kind of nice.
- New artists I've never heard of (KT Tuntsall, Eggleston, and others who I've forgotten to take note of but were really quite enjoyable)
- Re-runs of radio programs like Fuse, wherein I get to hear people like Feist, Kathleen Edwards, and Ron Sexsmith on stage all at the same time. Also, Tom Wilson and Bob Lanois jamming unplugged. Amazing.
- Fewer instances of "CBC Talk Back", wherein every Canadian feels it's their duty to call in and voice their usually moronic point of view on every subject under the sun. Rarely are these quips enlightening, but maybe it's worth airing them all in order to get the few that are well articulated and thoughtful/thought-provoking.

Still... this is not good. Please bring the CBC back.

Hmm, what else? Well, I suppose I mused this morning that J's coughing fit overnight just might be preparing us for the impending bambino/bambina in December. Being awake from 0230-0430, while being unfun, is something you can get used to and incorporate into your routine.

Those things aside, we had a good and productive weekend of hanging a back door, roto-tilling a backyard (thanks Gregor), and digging up one terribly stubborn rosebush (good riddance).

Also, if you see this kissing bandit baby around, you're to notify the authorities. He must (but probably can't) be stopped!

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