Painting the town...white?

There's a wall outside my house (see below) which, being monochrome-coloured and 10 ft high makes it perfect for graffiti. The managers of the building have tried time and again to remove the less-than-lovely artwork that appears there from time to time, and have repainted the wall on many occasions.

This time, apparently, they mean business. They've been out there for a week now, scraping and power washing the wall to remove all the loose paint. Actually, it doesn't look that bad right now. But they're determined to pretty it up. I should note that you can't actually see this side of the wall from the building's grounds, but I suppose it makes the building look unsightly.

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As you can see, this nice bright white wall (painted yesterday) is not tempting enough for the local vandals/artistes to make use of in a timely manner. Perhaps I'm giving them too much credit. I was hoping I'd see some kick-ass artwork there by morning, but apparently not.

Here are two more pictures, the first showing the extent of yesterday's paint job, and the second showing the previous colour of the wall. I presume they will repaint with something similar, and not leave it with that whitewashed look.

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I'll post more pictures if anything noteworthy comes of it. Seeing as how we're expecting rain for the next few days, I would say the painting will be on hold until after Canadian Thanksgiving. Did you HEAR that, local graffiti artists? *hint*


The CBC lockout is all but over. As far as I know, the union has to ratify the deal and everyone will be back to work on the 11th. Whee! I'm overjoyed at the prospect of having my morning information stream flowing again. Also, I wonder what will happen to the newly redesigned CTV Newsnet channel (which changed to look much like CBC Newsworld about a week into the CBC lockout).

I'm sorry that for 8 weeks people have been walking the lines without pay. How terrible.


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