Healthy, wealthy and ...pass the coffee

or "when's mama coming home"?

OK, so... here's the situation (no, my parents did not go away on a week's vacation):

It's bachelor week in town this week, meaning that M has gone away to Ottawa on a training course so it's me and Jack for six nights and seven days (movie ref? maybe). Anyway, in order to successfully get everyone off to daycare and work (that is, the two of us) at a reasonable hour, the parent has to be both organized and up early enough to get himself dressed and groomed before the child gets up. This usually results in me sneaking around the house like I'd just broken into it while he snorts, groans and moos in his sleep, threatening to throw a toddler-sized wrench into my morning routine.

In preparation for the morning espionage, I hit the sack last night at a totally ridiculous hour (yes, 9:45) and got out of bed at 5:45 this morning. The peanut continued to moo and rustle around in his crib until 6:30, when I went upstairs to retrieve him in his semi-lucid state, only to find that he was still dead to the world, the little runt. So I proceeded to get dressed and find him some clothes before convincing him he should get up and come downstairs to watch a little weather network (long story, largely centred around the calming effects of a blue screen).

By 7:30, both dad and boy were ready to go. I was quite amazed, really. Only four more repetitions of this before mom comes home and saves us from ourselves.

And, not unrelated....

Overheard this morning:

me: so, the Sox won again last night, eh?
me: (not that i stayed up..i fell asleep listening to it on the radio)
briannak: i didn't watch but... ok
me: ooh, LJ fodder. my radio. i should read your update, too.
briannak: your radio is interesting enough to make an lj entry?


Y'see, in going to bed so early last night, i sacrificed watching Game 2 of the World Series on television and instead opted to listen to it on HALIFAX'S NEW RADIO STATION!. This ordiarily would not be the source for much adulation, except that Halifax generally sucks when it comes to providing any sort of variety on the airwaves. We have less than a dozen FM stations, including CBC Radio 1 (News and Current events), CBC Radio 2 (Classics and Beyond), a lite-rock station, a top-40 station, a country station, and a classic rock station. It doesn't take long before you've exhausted the dial and purchased a CD player for your car, or an iPod (hey, we can dream).

Every year there's talk about a new radio station coming to Halifax, and every year I hope and hope for something a little better than what we have. When I heard about this station (actually saw a TV ad for it), and then found out it was "News. Talk. Sports", I nearly died. Yes, I suppose there is a need for our AM-dial equivalent on the FM-dial, but I think I had hoped for some more progressive music station to move in and turn enlighten some of the local troglodytes.

What I realised yesterday was that, at least yesterday, it was broadcasting ESPN radio -- meaning I could listen to the NFL scores during the day, and listen to the world series at night! Just like I could do when I lived in Toronto! Halifax radio has irked me for so long that I'd forgotten how much I appreciated the full-spectrum of formats enjoyed by larger cities. Also, now I don't have to scan the AM dial late at night, with my free arm in the air, to hear snippets of sports radio stations from the US. Hooray for News. Talk. Sports, indeed.


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