Striking and the Stricken

Yesterday, the CBC billboard I see each day on my way to work was alternating-flashing the time, temperature, and "CBC". Usually I don't question its accuracy. However, yesterday it was flashing thus:

CBC / 14C / 59:41

"Now that is a strange time", I thought to myself. I suppose this could have been some malfunction at the "management-is-in-control,really" junction, or some prank set upon the CBC by the striking workers. At any rate, I didn't doubt that it was 14 degrees outside, so I wrote it off as happenstance. All things seemed to be back to normal today, time-reporting-wise.

Also, I honked to the two picket lines today. I don't usually do that, but I figured after so many weeks off the job, they deserve a little recognition. A little, "hey, we know you're still locked out, and we hate it too."

Dammit. End the lockout. This is really annoying.

Speaking of not really understanding people's plight... currently my company is working on a project studying a certain sector of industry in the province that has been in the headlines lately (internationally, actually, but it's in everybody's economy and thanks to Hurricane Katrina, it's in everyones' news). My point is that I'm constantly talking to business owners who have it really rough, and I can't do anything to help them out. The "industry" is just screwing them over until the small players are all run out of business. Of course, this is not just happening in this province, but across Canada and likely across the USA.

I'm not sure if my position as researcher/economist means I'm supposed to feel sympathy for their plight. I do, but there's not much I can do about it. These are forces greater than they or I can contend with.


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