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Scandal and Corruption Abounds

Walking to work today, while listening to the less-than-adequate CBC radio news morning show, I heard a story regarding the (possibly) faltering Ukranian government (the Orange coalition, you may remember). The quote was from a woman at the Canon Institute in Kiev, in reference to Ukranian president Viktor Yushchenko who has recently sacked his Prime Minister, Yulia Timoshenko. There were allegations of corruption being tossed back and forth, and I suppose this was one way of starting the ball rolling on either his own exhoneration, or the eventual overturning of the government, depending on whose perspective you take.

Anyway, the woman quoted on the telephone stated that Russian president Vladimir Putin told the Ukraine, "This is what happens when you let democracy go unchecked".

I had to laugh. And not really at the thought of "russians teaching the world about democracy", which is probably a topic that an entire book couldn't cover, but the fact that she sort of has a point. What I chuckled about is that the woman probably had a point. To varying degrees, the cronyism and corruption exist in most governments (i'm generalizing here). Without that, there would be nothing to talk about in the media, no change in government parties or goverment party composition in legislation, and nobody would ever get "repayed" for helping get a government elected. Truly, the biggest repayment should be the fact that a government with one's own political bent gets into power, but it would be naive to see that as corruption or preferential treatment towards any one aspect of society.

I suppose this probably exists in monarchies and totalitarian regimes as well, but the response to popular dissent is, "tough cookies". I wonder if that makes it easier for the populace to handle.

Clearly this happens not only in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Look at the Canadian government, who have promised to call an election once the official enquiry into corruption and cronyism which wasted billions of dollars on government sponosorship is completed. Something tells me that promise will be creatively sidestepped.

Wow. Boring entry. Sorry. Blame the CBC and their sound workers union strike/lockout. For god's sake, it's a PUBLICLY OWNED corporation. Let the public help get them back to work already so we don't have to watch crappy, purchased television on our news stations, re-aired programs from 2003 on our radio stations, and bland, whitewashed radio hosts reporting from who knows where (Toronto?) on our overhauled morning shows.



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