Handy ATM buttons I wish I had

These days I do 99% of my personal banking at the Bank of Nova Scotia. It wasn't always that way, though. (Yes, I can tell you're stoked for THIS story!). My only two complaints about the Scotiabank ATMs are that you can't get a deposit envelope until you hit the "deposit" button during your transaction, and you have to know the sum of all your depositables before you complete your transaction.

When I used the Royal Bank in the past, you could walk in, grab your envelope, and start entering your depositables. I had three cheques for $123.45, $56.78 and $8.90, I could type them into their little keypad and it would come up thus:


189.13 TOTAL

With Scotiabank, you have to either do the math in your head, come prepared with your total deposit written down somewhere (or memorized), or do multiple transactions to deposit your goods. I suppose you could guess, as well, which brings me to my next item on the wishlist: MORE CHOICES!

When you enter your deposit balance on a Scotiabank ATM, it asks you:


- Yes
- No

Other choices I'd like to see:

- Sure?
- Umm, I think so.
- To tell you the truth, I sort of guessed.
- Please check my math.
- It might be. Honest, this isn't some scam to get more money out than I put in. Really.
- I estimated in order to save paper on using multiple envelopes.

See? If they're going to do the math anyway, they might as well have more choices. Or actually add it up as you enter your balances. Just a thought.


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